Joan & Gregory Casey

We came to Hawaii to invest in a condo that we wanted to provide for our daughter’s use for a few years. We had referrals to two realtors in HI from realtors in our home state. These two referred realtors proved to be hard-to-get, and patronizing so we could not work with them, We “cold called” Jason because he had recently sold a listing that we liked and we figured he wouldn’t be so uppity. Happily, we guessed right — he met us that very day and explained to us Midwesterners how the Hawaii market worked and what we should be looking for. He has extensive knowledge of the market and knows how to explain it because he listens to you first so that he can make it understandable on your terms. We were really sold on him when he told us we should rent rather than buy. We knew he was correct but still we wanted to invest because it was the year the US real estate market was at a low ebb, even in HI. The point about Jason is that he is careful and will give you the best advice for YOU. He knows that acting in the client’s best interest brings the best results for him in the long run and he operates with the win-win outcome in mind at all times. Ultimately, our purchase was completed easily, even though we had left the island by the time it closed. Three years later he helped us sell the condo in the same careful manner. We didn’t even bother interviewing anyone else. He was always available and advised us on the best way to show and price the property for sale. Our condo proved to be a great investment and it sold in a day with offers over listing price. How good is that? The best! This man loves Hawaii and he is so cheerful all the time that it is a pleasure to work with him. If we or our daughter or anyone we know ever is wanting to buy a place in Hawaii again, we have a Realtor already picked out, Jason Lum.

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